pic: 1038-Thunderhawks practice

This is our entry for Lunacy.

Please tell me you’ve got a set of red bumpers somewhere too.

Looks like another great machine… good luck this year!

Looking good 1038… my what a big hopper you have. :]

Wish you all were heading out to Midwest this year… my 1038 levels are a little low.

Anyhow, any cool programming wizardry? Mechanical magic? Video of it running?


Thanks a lot! It was long hard road getting there without Dave Campbell around, but we made it. A simpler design than we have done in the past, but we were able to manufacture about 75% of the machine in house on our 20+ year old Bridgeport Mill and Delta-Rockwell Lathe.

Not much wizadry this year. I’m not sure if we got any video or not, too busy cleaning up and packing to pay attention.

Good Luck to you all!

Does a team’s bumper color matter? We used red last year without a problem. Why would this year be any different?

In past seasons, 1038 was known for having both a red and a blue set of bumpers, which they’d swap out to denote their alliance color during a match.

This is not nor ever was a requirement in the rules, but it was trivially easy to tell which alliance 1038 belonged to while they were on the field competing.

Understood. I just had a small freak out and thought I missed something in the rules. I was furiously reading them again.

No color changing bumpers this year. Not only did the kids hate changing them, but the graphics/imagery team told us that the red wouldn’t match our theme this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

Lookin good, Jimmy! We’re looking forward to seeing you guys next week!!

I love your solution to putting bumpers on the trailer. We have little pieces of noodle strewn throughout our shop from where the practice bot has ripped the noodles we zip-tied to the trailer.

Bot looks great, too! I wish you guys could come to Purdue again. Good luck at Buckeye!

Thanks Mike! See ya up there.

I wish we could make it out to Purdue again as well. Maybe next year.