pic: 1058 PVC Pirates 2018 Teaser

Small teaser as we get close to the home stretch.

Wow that must have been a huge job to assemble lol

233 arm? Looking great!

To be honest, hearing from the group working on it it went together quite easily. Most of the parts were made by hand and all the holes in the main tube done without a milling machine.

Overall we are pretty happy, provides a good base to optimize our Hangle. :wink:

. . .


No, it wasn’t a typo.

Nope, its a 1058 arm!

Looks great! With all of these elevators, I’m excited to see how arm robots perform during season.

Nice job so far guys! Can’t wait to see it in person. Looks very familiar to something that haunted my dreams late last year :wink:

Kudos to your build team for getting that built accurately.

Are you playing a Dr Suess themed game? :smiley:

Love watching what comes out of my old team :smiley:

Maybe. Anyone who stops by for a pit visit this year might hear some more terms that make them scratch their heads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second that. 319 currently calls our collector the A-cube-ulator and our ramp the Bossi Facer.

How much Wristance is factored into your design?

Did you end up going with the mechanism based on turbo encabulators? I heard they are back in stock now that the manufacturer has resolved the quality problems with the sperving bearings. :smiley:

We’re actually using a slightly altered version of the original turbo encabulator called the retro encabulator.