pic: 1065 Flipped


This was our first time on the field at Robot Ruckus and we didn't have our shooter programmed yet, so we figured, "Lets practice getting up the ramp" and so we got up there no problem, then we try coming down, and yeah…picture explains it all.

Who else has had robot flipping problems? On the ramp? off the ramp?

Lets see some more flipped robots!

Actually I took that picture =] I never had a problem flipping over with our box on a box with wheels =] Lol, pics to come, peace everyone.

We found this out a few nights ago during practice on our field, when ours almost tipped over coming off the ramp. Luckily there were a few team members nearby to catch it. Going down slow sometimes helps out, but in most cases we climb up the ramp much better than down it. Haha. Anyways, in order to prevent further tippings, we came up with a few tips to help out drivers as they practice.

Most robots are going to try to get up the ramp at the end of the match (unless the robot shoots from the ramp (I haven’t seen a robot do that yet)). If thats the case, then you shoudln’t have to worry about getting down the ramp once you are up there.

That link’s awesome.

We found that if we go up backwards we can come down fowards no problem =] but it was our first time out there for practice, and it was the first bot to tip, and everyone just was like OH!

Yeah we know we wont need to come off the ramp, it’s just our shooter wasn’t programed, and we wanted to practice getting on the ramp over and over again to get the hang of it, so in order to do that we needed to get off (wow, thats common sense) so yeah thats what happed

We had the problem that our bot would flip when we first hit the ramp, the back wheels would just dig in and flip the bot over…after some weight shifts, we fixed that issue. well…assuming we ram the ramp, lol.

Carpet and diamond plate also makes a difference.

That’s a screen-cap of a video of team 710 from 179’s scrimmage. They were a block & low goal bot and were rather reckless… flipped multiple times.

I see a lot of top-heavy bots in these pics from UTC and Florida. The 4wd bots seem especially top-heavy. By comparison, the top of our 6WD frame is 2-1/2 inches below the top of our 9-inch wheels. Nothing on our base chassis (except the RC and the very top of the battery) is above the top of the frame rails. Our transmissions are mounted even with the bottom of the frame rails, as is the bottom of the battery box. The electrical board is just above the bottom of the frame rail. Our very lightweight shooting tower and lifter are the only other parts above the top of the frames. At the Bellevue practice event, we went up and down the ramp frontwards and backwards, at angles and straight-on. According to SolidWorks, our CG without the game tower is within a vertical inch of our drive axles.

If your 'bot has a high CG, you are going to be hurting on the ramp. We went for an ultra-low CG to improve ramp-climbing and to add to our defensive abilities. We think not tipping is a good feature when you are playing defense.

I see 1902 in the background. :slight_smile:

Yeah, so our (1604) showing at the ruckus was slightly frustrating, but things finally came together today. We tipped over as well during the one match we (semi) ran in, wasn’t it 1065 that pushed us over? :stuck_out_tongue: ha ha. Good times. We did figure out we can hold between 50-60 balls or so.

1390 had one awesome showing, their shooting mechanism worked beautifully.

177 fell over once during the Winter War Zone, but I believe that was because we got pinned on top of the plastic on the side of the ramps.

Coming off the ramp once (I ramped with 3 seconds left… in the 2nd period :rolleyes: ) the robot looked like it was going to tip, but practice today showed it’s very safe as long as the robot goes slowly.

we didnt really have that bad of a problem with flipping, we had a problem bouncing off of the ramp. However your only goning to need to go up once, but unless your going up there to deliver balls into the center goal. When we fell of the ramp it was intentional, but in the process we ended up breaking parts of our hopper. Thank God we have PVC master Rich Kressly on our team who assembled a new hopper for the robot, but also made the bot 3-4 pounds lighter in the process! Hooray for Kressly!

Our robot flipped once so we redesigned the hopper. It’s shorter and lighter now.

Haha yeah that’d be us.

We’re not complaing that we flipped over, just that its really funny =]

hey there we are heh! thanks for pointing that out barry ruckus was fun we havn’t tipped luckily. We have other problems heh, 1065 looked sharp looks like UCF is gonna be an exciting regional as always.