pic: 1065 side-project teaser


What ever will it be? What ever will it do? Hopefully we’ll finish it before next build season … it’s only 5 months in the making

Johnny 5 is alliiiiiive! Or, in this case, not quite… :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too?

I don’t get what your trying to say, and I probably just killed it if it was soposted to be funny. =/

Those eyebrows look like Lego pieces.

Something Vex- or Mindstorms-based, perhaps?

Is it eyes and eyebrows for one or two cameras that will be mounted to your robot?

You would have had to see the movie he is referring to :slight_smile:

I do belive they came from lego mindstorm

its a pair of binoculars that are the eyes. The eyes were placed on after the picture was taken.

and to clear it up …it’s NOT a FIRST robot. (i know nothing was said but off the forum i was asked)