pic: 1072 Final Bot

Picture was taken Monday, but we hadnt gotten around to uploading it

Great looking bot !!!
It looks as if you can stack pretty high!!
Your Tetra gripper mechanism looks especially nice…
How does it work??

thanks for posting

we havent counted how many tetras (cuz we only have 1 made) but our arm can go even higher than that. Our “gripper” consists of a u shape that goes around the tetra and then a bar powered by a piston that secures it in place. In tests it works well holding on to the tetra as well as grabbing it

The way the bot is sitting it looks like there is a stabilization device under the bot, is that true or am i just seeing things?
The arm looks good to, good luck.

no its just the 6 wheel drive system with the center 2 wheels lowered a bit, i forget how much but i think its 1/4 inch.

ahhh ok, I forgot about that whole CG thing for a second to. When arm with heavy object goes up the back part of robot will follow a little bit to.

There is no stabilization device, but we only have a little bit more then a quarter inch ground clearance. Also our frame is made so all heavy component are pretty much 1 inch above the ground, so we’re stable enough at full height.

When I usurp the mechanical lead, the robot will solve Rubiks cubes. hides from rest of team :smiley: