pic: 1072 from the top

More pictures coming tommorow

Looks really cool, is it two arms? I am thinking elevator style arm being pulled from a pulley wheel? How much does it weigh?

Only one arm and it weighs too much =(. 118.5 without electronics and pnumatic tubing. We’re going to need to save a lot of weight somewhere…

Better get that drill going. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, do you really need two Fisher-Price motors on that winch? I can’t imagine that you’d need that much power, and removing one would be a lot easier than putting several thousand holes into your bot.

Most likely we will need it to overcome the binding from all the cantilevering we’re doing. It’s also a lot easier to make cheeseholes then to design a mount for the spool without a second motor. The red plate on the bottom is 1/8th inch Al. I’m thinkin we can probably get a good chunk of weight out of that. Plus we’re going to cut out a cross bar on the chassis that is redundent.

is it just one arm going up the 2 arms? this is very stable as opposed to a 1 armed approach?
or is the second arm going to “flip” onto the top of the other arm to make it uper long and high enough for the central goal?

It is one very stable arm. The thing is rigid enough that at full extension i can tilt the robot up from its side just by grabbing on to the end of the 11ish foot arm. When I do this, the arm bends maybe 2 inches.