pic: 1072 - Getting there...

It’s getting down to the wire around here. But I’m confident we’ll pull through!

Time is ticking, but everything works. Mostly.

I must say that, in checking that arm out in person, it reminds one of an old steel railway bridge. All those pretty crisscrosses, and the tight radii on the corners, how long did those take to machine?
How much weight did the cuts outs take out?
Thanks for the tools/motor help/programing help/basshunter. Twas a good build, and the gracious professionalism in the last push here was great for inter-team relations.
–Scott :cool:

I’m really bummed you guys aren’t coming to SVR this year. Are any team members coming out to scout the competition?

Yep, I’m going to be around on Saturday for driving ideas and to give the DJ a Basshunter CD…