pic: 1072 Teaser #3

We have the whole thing built and coded and it scores all possible points in autonomous before lifting both allies, but we don’t want to show you the rest just yet.

…haha. wishful thinking.

Glad to see that those wheels worked out for you guys. I enjoyed watching Tatsu bending our mill on every possible axis to get those mecanums cut properly :stuck_out_tongue: Its a bummer you won’t be at SVR, but I look forward to seeing your bot in action at Davis. Looks great, can’t wait to see the rest of it!

Mike C.

why is your base’s center of gravity so high?

Intresting wheels, where do they come from?

we made them.

haha, I love how we can see the all powerful ductape and zipties:yikes:

It wouldnt be a FIRST bot without them :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you make them on a manual mill?

yes indeedy. it was, uhh…interesting

Wow. That’s stunning, I wouldn’t ever want to do something like that on a manual machine. You guys did a great job. Sure looks like it was CNC’ed.

How long did it take?

oops, sry, the pattern was cnc’d, but the roller slots were manual’d

took us about two weeks

looks yummy. well after much of my criticism and speculation if it would be pulled off, I’m glad you guys went for what you wanted to do and actually put it together. I’ll be at Davis and I’ll get to see how well it works.

oh yeah, ves, i just remembered. I must kill you. until you die. hi, btw

(i recently took vector apart to get to the electronics so e-subteam could practice. took me an HOUR to get that bloody lexan plate off)

hope post-HRT life is going well!

There called Mecanum wheels, they allow for any direction of movement without turning the bot. 868 used them last year.

$@#$@#$@#$@#…looks like u got a lift kit on that bad boi…haha…

We’ll be seeing you at Davis! Were coming, as usual, with tracks!

That does look like a high CG but I’m sure you already know that, and are probably working on it.