pic: 1073 Finished Robot

We used our six weeks to build the most advanced robot known to man.

The Peteynater 3000 is not only an accomplished tetra-manipulating robot, it is also the latest in human-replication robotic technology. This android can recite countless baseball stats, score an 800 on the verbal SAT's, and do the worm before and after stacking tetras.

Don't even go to comp. You don't stand a chance.

We can at least try hes breaking hte rules by movign a goal tetra. Haha auto dishcharge you lose.

Did I mention the robot has an auto “Battle Intimidation” mode?

At the drop of a penalty flag, lasers spit from his eyes and burn through the offending official. Works quite well in our practice tests on unproductive underclassmen.


Why? Come on man post these in the chit-chat thread, if your going to post a picture of your robot at least post a picture of your actual robot.
Come on guys the teasers are getting really old, lets post robots not more pointless pictures, thats what the other threads are for, they are for the joke pictures;)

Oops… I found a flaw in your robot.

It is owned by the Boston Red Sox. Good luck acquiring the rights to that marvel of technology. :rolleyes: Thay may be using it to train their players so they can try to win two World Series’ in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:

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