pic: 108 Electronics


It is extremely neat and organized, with two layers of plastic to fit the wires in between, and is extremely modular, coming off the robot with the turn of 6 wing nuts.

We received several complements on our electronics board this year, and many stopped by our pit just to look at this alone, so I figured I’d post it on here to see what the rest of the FIRST community thinks.

It really is about the nicest electrical board that I’ve ever seen i first.

I totally agree… this is one of the neatest electrical boards that I have ever seen coming out of a FIRST team. Hopefully your inspection time will beat a world record. I don’t think that the judges will have much of a problem with that! :yikes: Very Nice!

Surprisingly, we did get through inspection extremely fast…no problems at all!

it was very nice, but did anyone by chance see ours? it was pretty neat also

:ahh: I was and still am amazed at your wiring. You guys did an excellent job. Congratulations on a fantastic Florida Regional.