pic: 1083 drive base

We had the 'bot apart today, so I took the opportunity to snap a pic of our 4-wheel holonimic base.

Please dont tell me there are holes in your battery there. :ahh:

looks like one too many wheels to me. :wink:

just an old holonomic drive base joke from one its FIRST Pioneers. good luck, it’ll be a fun ride. i know we enjoyed our time with it.

Do you have the Chips hooked up to the 30 amp breaker? If so you know that you have to have them hooked up to the 40 amp breaker… I just thought I would let you know cuz that would suck if you found that out at comp. Because I like the look of the omnidrive.

omnidrive! WHOO RAH!

what events are you going to - I gotta see that in action :^)

We will be at the Florida Regional and the Chesapeake Regional.

Quick update: We got it driving with encoder feedback tonight. Boy, that makes a world of difference. Our drivers were grinning ear to ear.

You mean you dont drill holes in the battery? Sheesh, I thought everyone did.

We lost 10 lbs right there, those suckers sure are heavy unmodified.


No they are hooked up to the 40 amp breakers, the wiring looks like a rats nest now because its just temporary wiring until the final pieces get attached that our electronics will be mounted too. Look out soon for some video and more info about our bot soon!

How can you tell this? I’ve been sitting here trying to trace those wires for around 5 minutes now and the only thing I’ve figured out is that Im starting to get a headache :ahh: (sorry, picky electrical guy :p). Nice looking omni drive, but I probably wont get a chance to see it :(. Oh and clean up those wires!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

No, believe it or not… thats actually what the battery really looks like under that plastic plate. One time last year I dropped one of our batteries and that plastic piece came off…and so i took a look where it was, and what you see below is what I saw.

nice base george, but next time i see it you all better have it under control more…i won’t settle for any less =P

**BEAUTIFUL **Drive … I would LOVE to try that … if I had time (and could get some sleep). The programming must be a nightmare! Congrats! I hope to get a good look in person. Any chance you will make it to IRI (Indianapolis, July 9-10)?

Thanks for all the praise, our programmers have been working non stop for the last 6 weeks, they are tireless in thier persuit of perfection. And we are getting closer and closer every minute they work. They are a great team of programmers.