pic: 1083 Finished!

We are finished, with our robot woo hoo week 4 here we come practice styleeeeee!

one question how do you get the yellow ball out?

I’ve got a feeling that this isn’t quite legal… :smiley:

yeah it might be more than 130 pounds

HA HA! Go George!!!

No way, it weighs way under 130lbs George is made out of that spaceage composit material that dosent reflect radar and is bulletproof and everything This may be the best robot ever Im scarred! There goes the ucf regional. you may as well give the “the crew” the trophy now

I’ll have to say that 1083’s robot will have the easiest time climbing the platform. It also looks like they plan on running the whole match in autoHUMANous mode. :smiley:

Easiest time climbing the platform yes. But i’d like to see that 'bot reach 10ft to grab the chin-up bar :smiley:

I guess the most important question is whether George cost less then $400.

Good question Joe, but how are we supposed to find the list price of a human? Maybe if you take all his clothes and stick him in a sack, his value would be under $400? :ahh:

If you guys can use george, is he available to all FIRST teams at the same price?

we arent “the crew” check the profiles of us, we are the emoticons, Sheesh tytus i expect better than you,
this bot can do everything the top hinges open and he tosses the ball out, it also can squeeze inbetween the horizontal bars, then the multipurose system known as “George” can come on top of the fram and pick itself and the frame up. its so sweet. Def, the most complex robot we have ever made!

wouldnt that violate the no exotic materials rule or the no alternative power scource rule

my team sometimes does that to me too… :ahh:

GO!!! george bot woooo whoooo :eek:

Finally, something that George can do. We tried for four years to find something that he could do. :slight_smile:

Good luck guys. We’ll see you in Orlando.


You stole our design!!! :mad:

How is it at hanging from the bar?

I asked George about it and his response was “Go Go Gadget Arms”