pic: 1086 Blue Cheddar holding trackball

This is our robot for the 2008 game Overdrive, named Blue Cheddar to go along with our new theme of Blue Cheese.

No really guys, what the hell with the new name?

:cool: Look at it go and its not even moldy.:cool:

We had to change it up their were to many pirates and we were getting overseen at the competions and thought that being bright blue and yellow and a original name would fix that problem.

I hope we are allied with you guys sometime at VCU or the Championship - we’re blue (although a slightly lighter shade of it) and yellow too. We made the colour change last season for similiar reasons, only it was because our own members couldn’t find each other because our previous colours were too common and blended in well.

Respectable if not highly confusing still… :confused:

basiclly it was because we were ranked 16th at champs last yearand didnt make elims. so we decided to change our name and after some ideas(mainly swat cats, just because warner brothers wouldn’t release the right to the name) we came up with blue cheese!!! its simple, original, and cheese heads are gonna look sweet at comp!!!

is your entire team wearing cheese heads or just your drive team

Cool looking robot (and color scheme)!

Look forward to working with you all at VCU!

thanks!!! and everyone will have cheese heads!!!

Just wondering. Does it meet the 80 inch rule?


of coure!! its waaaay close though!!

Cheese heads DO look great at the competition. Did you see me last year with the cheese head in Atlanta? I’m working on getting our whole team to wear them. I already have most of the drive team. We need to get more though. Can you guys make the cheese heads blue? It would fit your team name, and other teams could tell us apart.

i think most of us are keeping it yellow but some of us might decorate them for competition…

Woot! Our school Colors are Blue and Gold! We couldn’t get our robot powder coated this year, but our bumpers are blue and gold :smiley: Also, being a true Cheesehead from Wisconsin, I approve your very fashionable choice of headgear :stuck_out_tongue: