pic: 1086 New Control Board


After the wear and tear that we put on our control board last year we decided that we should make a new one. After three or four weeks of deliberating over the desgin, we came up with this 12"X24" contraption.

:cool: Please post what you guys think:cool:

I like the wood. I always thought that many teams over do it on the massive lexan and aluminum monstrosities. A little stained wood goes a long way towards making a nice and classy looking control board that isn’t over the top. Pretty light too.

hey do you have to ship the control board?


Is that the joystick and electronics, or is it everything including the housing we built for that as well? sorry im kinda a noob

The entire console must go with the robot. (<R28>)

thatz a pretty control box there, we used t-slot and angled aluminum. Very lightweight and easy to carry around