pic: 1086: Over There

One of the mentors on Team 1086 pointing a student toward where they had to set up their robot on the floor.

That would be the “Big Cheese” himself, Connor Clarke, pointing the way for Blue Cheese (1086). Congratulations on the WFFA, Connor! Sadly 2068 is missing y’all at the Virginia regional this year.

Congratz to Connor. He truly embodies what a FIRST mentor should be. Great job, Dude!

Hahahahah, that’s priceless! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait till they get a hold of this tonight, his kids are gonna get a kick out of this… :rolleyes:

Clarke truly is an inspirational guy, kinda wacky but you can always trust that you’ll take away something from his experience and method of thinking (he does it out loud mostly so you really can’t miss anything). I’ve known him for so many years, and he was an integral part of the structure of our team before I got there, and I confidently can say many of the alumni and current members of 384 truly believe Connor Clarke deserved the WFFA. It was about time he received this honor, and stand with the great mentors of FRC.


We went to dinner last night (Right after the ceremonies ended) and he was the last person to get in… he had a standing ovation in the pizza joint!

BTW the student standing by Clarke is our driver Cotton (eight years of driving experience), and the girl with the control box is our new programmer Shelby, who did exeptionally well considering the hardships of this years WiFi and Java troubles.