pic: 1086's frame completed

After some fabrication delays, we finally got our frame back from the water jet. Electronics board and all drive modules are complete and will be mated to the frame Tuesday. Time to catch up!

Here are a few more images of our frame.

Hmm, how are you going to attach your bumpers with that outside flange? (On the side around the corner from the attached photo; can be seen on in the photo gallery.)

Interesting you asked that question. It was the same question I had when the CAD model was shown to me two weeks ago.

I posed the question to the community here:

We are going to place 1" standoffs every 8" to support the bumpers. This will make the bumper rest on the flange. This should be legal.

Hmm it looks like Blue Cheese did a little…‘Swiss Cheesing’ to their frame :wink:

Looking good!