pic: 1089's Second Teaser

A belt sander and a bucket of snow? What are we up to…

Trying not to burn yourselves by cooling parts as you grind them down of course.

Trying to cool Gregory off?

Sweet Chassis in the corner, btw.

I wonder what teams without snow do to cool off their parts…

We’ve always taken advantage of the fact that our sander is right next to our external doors and just throw parts (assuming they’re not fragile) from the sander out the door when they get hot.

Ice cream delivery system? :stuck_out_tongue:

To 548swimmer-
Yeah, us teams down here in the south got it bad. We have to let parts cool on their own! shudder

On a hot summer day, placing it outside will make the parts hotter! :ahh:

Run! they are going to throw snow into the stand with a conveyor belt launcher!

Sorry but not all teams can get snow, making them illegal under this year’s rules…