pic: 1093 conveyor belt

We have a dual conveyor belt system, only front belt is visible here.

This looks very similar to our design, but I have one question; how good are your drivers? Because right now, if you don’t hit that ball with the center of your robot, you lose the ball.

Do you plan to store balls in the conveyor system at the start of the match? If so, make sure the balls can be seen by refs from the outside.

What is the belt made from or where did it come from? How did you determine you needed a dual conveyor system?

wow it is very similer to our system for picking the balls up thats almost scary how close it is.

Where are the balls stored. I hope it’s in a hopper. If not, then you might have a little trouble with the refs.

Yes everybody, of course the balls are stored in a hopper (lexan). We decided to use the dual conveyor belt design because it picks up the balls faster (instead of rolling up it gets lifted straight up from both sides). The belt is made of shelf liner (a rubbery material about $5 per 4 foot roll from home depot) which we contact cemented to make loops. A fisher price motor drives each of the belts. We dump out the back (no shooting). And no, it is not that hard to steer the robot onto a ball.

:slight_smile: That is like 949’s collector, it is pretty creepy how our designs are pretty similar XD except we used a metal roller :]