pic: 1093 IVOR II

1093’s bot. The front plate is off and it is usually neater, but oh well.

It’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones using lots of PVC. What are you using to control those side wings?

ditto to velocipenguin on the pvc. Our whole arm is made out of it for now unless we have time to make one out of metal for the comp.

make sure your RC is perminatly mounted and is not “set in” as it seems to be in that photo.

As I said, the components are in a bit of a mess as we were changing things around. The side wings are brought out by a pulley system involving a globe motor and fishing line and elastic that pulls them back end. And we’re probably going to make another arm or two, for replacements. We could probably make that entire telescoping arm in 30 minutes. that’s the wonder of pvc :slight_smile:
BTW, it’s not usually that messy, and we have plexiglass and diamond plate to cover the electronics. We’re also working on an arm to free the 2x ball and get the trip ball. That will also be pvc :slight_smile: