pic: 1102 @ Peachtree

I think that chief delphi needs to start giving out awards at the end of the season on their website. If they did, I think that this would win the visual award for sure. That burning type liquid metal looking thing on your bot is sweet, and the cart is sweet too. How did you do that to your robot? P.M. me…

A mentor and student artist on the team made cardboard cutout masks of the numbers and airbrushed in on. We had stencils but the mechanical team would not allow any additional weight. We will be at the championship. Come take a closer look.

if we weren’t picked by 343, you were our first pick at #7…what an awesome machine…even better than at peachtree imho

Actually I believe we were 343’s second choice. We got picked by the 8th seed though and were knocked out in the quarter finals.