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Wouldn’t the greatest robot of all time be beatty (team 71) from year 2002?

You could make a lot of arguments for or against a greatest robot of all time–there’s been a few threads about it. Certainly you could argue for 71 in 2002, 25 in 2006, 1114/1503/1680 in 2006, and so on and so forth. It’s an argument that could take years to finally settle among a large crowd; and by that point, someone else will have created another dominant robot that makes the whole argument start over again.

If you’re going to be bringing up Beatty, don’t forget about the sick robot that they had in 2001. It practically did the entire game on its own.

Haha yeah, I was thinking the same thing. That thing truely was a beast.

Here are a couple good threads about the best robots of all-time

(This lists by myself and Jason Morrella are pretty comprehensive)


For the reasons stated by me in those threads, Beatty 2001 was the most dominant FIRST robot of all time, and until there’s a major shift in the current game format, I expect them to hold that title.

121’s bot comes to mind from 2002.

That was one of those outstanding robots that struck fear into everyone’s minds. No matter how hard they tried, National Champions of 2002, RAGE, couldn’t beat 121. Everything about it was just perfect. Strong drivebase, huge ball capacity, the backboard it created for human players when it dumped balls into the goals.

121 simply built a stronger robot than the alliance captain of the 2002 National Champion Alliance.

I remember playing 121 we were scared out of our minds that year.

Team 45 has over 100 tapes from the last 15yrs. They are almost all on DVD now. Unfortunately we do not yet have any parts of them online. That is on our to-do list, along with getting massive amounts of historical info on our website.

you should work with soap to get it on there web site. makes life alot easier when you only have to go to one place.