pic: 111 Going for a Hurdle, ending up in a precarious position

Wildstang going for a hurdle, misjudging by a hair… They saved it and got the points!

I’ve seen a few teams end up like that. It must be scary for the drivers…

I think armbots will get better over time and I dont expect to see such things much at championships. =D

Kudos to Wildstang for making the recovery! They’re lucky the trackball is fairly light relative to a 135lb. robot.

When the same thing happened to us last year at Silicon Valley with the bottom spider leg, we had worse luck – an alliance member tried to help us back up and inadvertently pushed us all the way over! :rolleyes: At least the only damage done was dislodging the camera and sending it skittering across the carpet.

Although actually, I wouldn’t have minded nearly as much if we’d gotten the tipping on video, but unfortunately the memory card came out of the darn thing…

How many times did I hear precarious this weekend, lol. The MC loved that word

I agree with this statement this is one of those things that with practice, the timeing becomes better an better but amazing job wildstang great bot

this happened a couple times at our regional and also once or twice to us. but that’s when good alliance partners jumped in and gave us a tap in the front to get us back on the ground. :cool:

We saw similar predicaments several times at St. Louis. The Martians got themselves caught like that, and I’m sure there were others that I don’t recall right now. Sometimes the got free again, but sometimes they didn’t. Once the wheels leave the carpet, it can be difficult to regain control.

been there-done that

the Plainfield Killer Cardinals were able to knock us free. That was the one round where we just barely eked out a tie.

So how is your overpass?

Wc :smiley:

Our robot also had trouble with getting stuck on the overpass. We tipped a couple times, but there was one time an alliance partner bumped us enough to free us.


Well this is what happens when you drive a bit too fast into the hurdle and the overpass is a bit too low (we lowered the maximum height of our nest later on).