pic: 1111 Rolls Out.....

1111’s robot: Heavy Mettle. Yeah the photo is sideways (and I grabbed it from their website that way), but someone has to leak it out.

A sideways view of Heavy Mettle. You are free to rotate the pic around at whim to see what it is. (I just pulled it off of their website anonymously for you all to extract. :smiley: )

The robot appears about 90% “complete”

This robot looks so flimsy that when someone breathes it will blow over.:ahh:

wow thats real nice of you…

personally i think it looks good, the omni wheel design may be annoying at times however, because your are easily turned around [take a look at 296’s bot last year]. we had some trouble with it.

The Omni-wheel drive system they have worked really well for them last year, and, they’re continuing it.

Yeah, the omni drive combined with traction wheels in the back was excellent for us last year; We used two joysticks in a tank-style configuration (left joystick controls left side, right joystick controls right side), and so we could turn and stop on a dime, as well as spin in place.

And the flimsy-seeming exterior is just our ramps for boosting other bots at the end of the match. They’re made of thin aluminum, so yeah, they don’t look strong, but we drove up our robot from last year, Pedro, on them, (Pedro pushed the 120 pound limit), and they withstood it, so we should be alright. They’ll extend, relased by a servo, and drop out to make a ramp on each side, giving us 60 points at the end. Inside is an arm. I’ll look and see if we have a close-up view of it. The inside is quite stable and secure.

I’m personally very happy with how Heavy Mettle turned out, and can’t wait to test it at the scrimmage tomorrow.

EDIT: Well, we just got back, and are semi-screwed. A limit switch was plugged into the wrong port, and thus did not stop the reverse-telescoping of the arm, over-torquing the cable that controlled the extending/retracting, and it snapped. So, unless we can do a major redesign by tomorrow, we’re dead.