pic: 1114 Letting one fly

One of, um, MANY hurdle shots for the champion Canadian 1114 team! Get used to seeing this if you will be in Waterloo, Toronto, or Atlanta this year!

I saw 1114 on some blue alliance videos and at first glance it looked like a tower bot, but then after watching more of the video I saw that it was a shooter…

How does it work?

wow… I thought that was a piston that they shot with… now I have no idea how that shooter works… anyone fill me in on the details???

This is one of the craziest bots I have seen yet this season.

Check out video of their performance in week one. Wow.

I wasn’t there at midwest this weekend to see it but If I had to guess I’d say it looks like some kind of pre-tensioned springGas shock? or metal?(possibly inside the black tube?) and a winch to pull it back to a cocked position(I think I see cable at the end of the black shooting piston in the photo above.)

anyone from 1114 care to divulge, or is it still to early to uncover what makes this thing such the beast that I saw this weekend?:smiley:

I’m thinking it’s a back-to-back air piston pair…

at any rate… way to go 1114! Looking good!


If you watch some videos from SOAP (particularly SF2-1 and SF2-2) the resolution is good enough to see the motion action of the shooter device, that should help you gather clues.

You can see the puncher sticking out in the center of this picture.

It’s retracted by a winch.

Yeah, I can defiantly see the motion in that video.

Interesting robot design.

I love the design, it reminds me of the ball shooters from a few years back