pic: 1114's Newest Member

Abby’s 1114 apparel came in last week.
She’s now officially the cutest little simbot…poor girl!

Omg omg omg! She is so cute and getting so big!!!

Any chance she’s coming to be the 1114 mascot in Chicago next weekend???



Awww cute little kid.

My kid is no mascot! She is now head of the strategy team.

So far our strategy is to slobber on the ball for a while and then take a nap…maybe I shouldn’t have fired Karthik and Geoff after all.

She will be in Chicago, cheering loudly with her mom!

Dang and here I was expecting a robot picture…

I love the little shirt.

lmao, that just made my day XD

How are you going to knock off the trackball from the overpass? Those two arms extending from the body don’t look like they’ll get high enough. Even with the the “legs” extended straight up, I just don’t see it.

Bumpers? Flag Holder?! How fast does it go? Does it tip? I could see it leaving marks behind on the carpet, are you worried about being DQ’ed for that?

Despite this being the cutest production EVER from 1114, I’d have to say that Simbot Abby better have more up her sleeve than what you’ve shown here!


I checked up her sleeve. Nothing but some crushed up banana from supper. I guess she’ll just have to rely on her cuteness!!