pic: 1126 4-Speed Transmissions '07 edition


The '07 models with all the pnematics hooked up.

looks good cory!

i wonder how many teams would purchase a trans if possible.

Looks good SparX! I can not wait to see you guys in action! :yikes:

4 speed transmission!? Can it go 88mph and with 1.21jiggawatts, possibly go back in time!? Man, you should have a steering wheel, pedals, and a shift stick. :smiley:

That is crazy. I like it. I wish we had a mentor with trans design experience so i could learn it. O well

Looks good. What are the envelope dimensions and weight with motors and pistons?

what is the real necessity for 4 speed trannys? i feel like the regular kitbot transmissions work fine for power and speed.

:yikes: i highly reccomend anyone who has a chance to talk to a team that had made one of these do it!

it gives you extreme low gearing for pushing, somewhat low gearing for pulling something, then somewhat speed to go from one side to another of the field then high to go to home as fast as possible. it is extremely useful.

What is this supposed to be, an Audi TT? I spy double clutches, pneumatic shifters, and itty-bitty drive motors. Why no CIMs?

I don’t think it is, but 1126 may be able to prove us wrong (and 33 used one to tremendous success in 2004). That being said, who knows if they could have done as well with a 2, or 3 speed.
A single speed can provide adequate power and speed, but typically not both. It could be geared to try and hang with the high speed bots, but it wouldn’t have much power. It could be geared to push, but then it could be easily outrun.
A 2-speed can provide a high-power pushing gear, and a quicker speed gear.
A 3-speed can provide that really low power pushing gear, a decent average speed driving gear, and a higher speed “sprinting gear” (that in many situations borders on the edge of control, but is still useful for straight line driving and can be deadly with the right drivers and robot).
The usefullness of the 4th speed is questionable, but 1126 apparently really likes it.
Granted, with a pneumatic mesh shifter (like 33 and 1126 built), it is every bit as easy to build a 4-speed as it is to build a 3-speed. Most 3-speeds in FIRST are the DeWalt transmissions, although we have seen a few 3-speed ball lock transmissions from teams like 222.

I’m pretty sure I see at least one. (look on the bottom left)

These transmissions are nasty Cory… the design is awsome. When you handed them to the electrical team I didnt know what to think. You even put in the fans for us, the electrical team!

The Dimensions: 8" long X 6.5" wide X 4.5" tall

The Weight: they weigh aprox. 6 lbs…its just a little under

The Motors: One(1) small CIM and One(1) Fisher Price per trans

We made a version of team 33’s 4 speed shifter in 2005. It was a total waste of time and weight. The next year we switched to a 2 speed crash shifter, which worked great.

well we like the results that we have gotten from them. its not for everyone.

Great pneumatic location…

Where r u intending to put the LED of inspection?

not quite sure yet we let the electrical team figure that stuff out

**Oh…we are in doubt here…

almost all our robot is translucid…do u think there is any prob putting it under a translucid board?:confused:


im not sure i can ask our electrical lead what his feeling is on this. i will talk to him tonight and try to get him to post a response