pic: 1126 doing a u-n-do

doing a u-n-do, with one china off we still hung and wont he match… see ya at nats!


a must thanks to www.iamaspy.net

mis print**


back wheel off ground while front wheel is still on ground…

Umm, i guess i dont get it. Some one explain. “u-n-do”?

My guess would be it is either a skateboarding term or a BMX one.

But anyways I guess I should be one of the first to congratulate 1126 on what appears to be a very impressive robot and should have a fine showing at Nationals this year in Georgia. Way to go and best of luck to ya

I’ve registered a new domain to replace the old one:

The following also work:

Hopefully the spelling of this one won’t confuse so many people.

the term is “endo”…not u-n-do…just to let u know

I’m kind of partial to stoppie… but then again, I like engines on my bikes. :wink:

[sub]that looks[/sub] pretty cool