pic: 1126 stacks 9 high in practice

we wanted to see how high we could go with our arm. we ran out of time on our 10th high stack. never saw more then 6/7 in a match though.

I remember either in our first match or our practice match we got into a fight over the center goal and either ended up with you on top of a 7 or 8 stack. Just lucky for you the buzzer ran out right before we capped :stuck_out_tongue: .

We could only cap 2 or 3 high on the center, I can’t even begin to imagine how high you could go on the regular goals. Thats quite a feat, congratz.

lol…like i told you alex: SWEEEEEEEEET!!!

that’s way cool ya guys…congrats to 1126 for a job well done!! S.P.A.M. loves ya guys!!