pic: 1126

heres the bot a few minutes before ship and after our 30 hour work session! see ya at Finger Lakes in 5 days and Buckeye also Nationals! good luck everyone

Looks good, but whats under the hood?


Does that arm pivot in 4 places or is that jus the way i am looking at the motor placement?

i have gotten to much crap from a fellow students on my team on how teams will find a way to defend us by having the picture up on chief delphi. so i can not send out any info on how ((&#@(&@^(@^@^$#%(^&#^^!*!^%!$ works until our first competiton which is in a few days at the Finger Lakes regional. sorry…

well I dont think any one is going to exploit your robot by you sharing info but my team had expressed simmilar concerns how ever good luck at finger lake and hopefully either by video or on here i can find out how this thing works.


Not very FIRST of you guys. I would have expected more out of you guys.

thats exactly my point… don’t worry i will have a lot of pictures from Finger Lakes because I’m training one of the Juniors on the team for the Pit God position and i will be a lot more free so I’ll take pictures and have a great time, see ya soon!

I’m with Rees. Most students think it’s about winning a robot tournament. Most of us old folks think it’s a chance to learn a lot about teamwork, program management, science, and engineering. If we all keep our “secrets” about our robots, the rest of us don’t learn as much.

Frankly, I’ve only seen one or two things on Delphi that someone in our own team didn’t suggest during brainstorming. The details of execution are a lot more interesting than your “secret” idea to win the game, and telling all of us on Delphi isn’t going to hurt your chances of winning the tournament. Honest.

If you will all excuse me this primitive example, it’s a lot like a 4-year-old girl who has lost her bikini top. She might be horrified, but there’s really nothing to hide. (Should anyone find this analogy offensive, I’ll remove it.)

Thanks for letting me borrow the soapbox for a minute.

thanks for the back up, i will post all the info i want/can after the competition this weekend. sorry if any of my team has made this a bad experience for you and your team. the thing is that it came from 2 students and multiple mentors not my part or i would have posted a video and many more pictures.

If you haven’t learned one thing the past 2+ years Pitbull just remember; To win a competition it requires a good drive team, good alliance communication and strategy, alot of luck, & a pretty good robot. Nowhere in there are secrets. We’re not trying to beat you we’re trying learn form you, and team up with you. 2 years ago we had a secret weapon when we went to Cleveland. So secret we never got picked. We learned from that went to J&J and won the regional.

very interesting and thanks for the positive feedback. hope fully i will be bale to explain what we have after our meeting and the talks I’ll get at the meeting by the mentors.

Wow how is that sprocket all the way on the right side of your arm working, I mean has it given you any trouble, I am asking because I don’t see very much sprocket just a bunch of holes.

Keep her in one peice. I’m expecting to finish at the top in Fantasy FIRST because of your bot.

Well we have been to one regional and was placed 30 out of 33 and with a record of 3 wins and 9 loses.

here is a updated picture of our robot at the Finger Lakes Regional.

any questions, feel free to ask.

here is a link to it