pic: 1138 Arm shy of bot

Our arm getting prepped to be bolted onto the chassis

That looks amazingly familiar…right down to the blue and black pneumatic tubing. Can we see what’s on the end of it?

Check out other pic we uploaded.

If you guys are wondering we got a new mentor this year from 22, one of the mechanical designers, put put a lot of input on our design.:smiley:

Oh… that’s why it is so similar to the 22/254 from '05.

We went more similar to 60 in 2001 and 60/254 in 2004.

It’ll be cool to see this bot in action at Boilermaker.

We look forward to competing with all of the amazing teams at the Boilermaker regional and the Southern California regional. The drive is really fun and easy to drive, out of all the drives we have built so far. Arm should be as easy…:rolleyes: