pic: 1138 Wheels


Just for what?

6wd 8wd?

2wd by the looks of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Riveted tread?

Two sprockets suggests live-axled center wheels of a 6wd, or 4wd dead axle wheels chained to the gearbox sprocket, or an 8wd I suppose, these being two of the 4 centered wheels, chained out to the ends…

My bet is on 6wd^

IFI wheels don’t come with a live axle bore. That would be an accomplishment…!

I’m guessing their 2006 robot…

Those are generation1 IFI wheels, circa 2006. Retro!

Old-skool robotics revival?

I’m confused… Pretty sure this exact post was posted in 2006

It was, but a new thread is created when someone goes to comment on it.

Bit of trivia, these wheels won a regional.

You say this as if I’d know :stuck_out_tongue:

(which I don’t since, you know, 2337 only buys AM mecanum wheels… [okay, we’ve bought some others, but I don’t think we’ve ever used IFI wheels, let alone from 2 years before our team existed])