pic: 1139 Teaser

First non-pitching machine shooter i have seen so far. How does it work? Thats a secret but i assure you it works well. It's pretty much finished at this point but looks really rough. we will be remaking a few parts next week. If all goes well, the turret will track autonomously.

Who needs fancy CNC stuff when you have a good ol bandsaw and drill press?

I LLOOVVEE the chassis, it’s nice to see a team using some good ol’ tube aluminum and welding! Looks fairly similar to ours. Very intrigued to see how that fires! Best of luck in your competitions!

What is the clear tubing and where did you get it? How is the turret supported?

looks like a lexan tube, my team is using the same thing, hope it works out for you too. BTW how is that shooting? and nice rotating turret and elevation control, we run the same simple turret idea, but completely different elevation control.

How does it load? From a hopper on top?

Also, how does it shoot?

EDIT: Never mind. I see the pneumatic piston.

its 8" lexan tubing. Part no 8585K48

got it from good old McMaster which is about 20 mins from our shop :slight_smile:

The turret is supported by a big ol 17" ring shaped turntable also from McMaster. Part number 18635A54

Works pretty awesome. It’s rate of fire is going to be a little slower than some of the pitching machine designs probably are, but its dead accurate. How did we make a directly actuated pneumatic shooter that acheives 12m/s? Well, thats a secret. The turret works excellent as well. The only thing that we are all a little worried about is the hopper.