pic: 114 2007 Teaser

Here’s a shot of two of our robot components, and one is only half assembled. For all who care, that wheel is 4 inches in diameter, made of aluminum 6061, and weighs .3 pounds as is.

(that’s a two speed dog shifting gearbox half assembled under it)

Happy to see that you were able to find somewhere to come through for y’all and have that stuff manufactured. There’s no way we’d have done as nice a job as quickly as whoever you found to do it.

Nice wheels :smiley: Where did you get 'em

We designed them in Autodesk Inventor 10, then saved a drawing as a .dxf, and sent it to a CNC shop to have made out of Aluminum. In total, our wheels are 1.2 pounds.

It’s always good to see a design being fabricated and used on applications. Good luck this season.

Where did you get the blue tread?

We’re using the Nitrile roughtop from McMaster. We’ve used it for two years now, with no issues with attachment or wear. It serves us quite well.