pic: 114 Coaxial Final CAD

Our coaxial, lightened and compacted. Weighing in at 2.4 without chain, this little baby is about 6 inches tall total, mounts simply onto two 1x1 box extrusion bars, and is run by a seperate gearbox (still debating two speed or not).

Comments would be welcome.

Looks good, but… it looks kind of weak at the top. If you get hit by say BOB with there 6 cim drivetrain, those two plates are going to bend and cause major headaches. It looks really nice though.

As for structure at the top, the main shaft is 1" diameter, running through two large mushing supported by two 1/4 inch plates. I’m not sure exactly how strong that will be (all my attempts at stress tests failed horribly), but it seems strong enough.

As for getting hit by a large robot, I think the wheel tread will slip before we get bent from other bot contact.

Here, you could intergrate this circular plate I have on my crab drive. Then you just add a few teflon pieces with groves for it to ride in.