pic: 114 Drive base CAD

Here she is. We’ll begin sending off part designs soon. Two speed dog shifters, with an ending ground speed of 5 and 15 fps.

Questions and comments encouraged.

Looks nice! It looks like it would be sturdy enough to run it without bumpers, is that what you guys plan on doing? Also, how much does the whole assembly weigh?

We are going to be attaching bumpers. The weight, according to Inventor, is 37 pounds, Including motors. I believe that it is lighter than that, and my personal estimate is that it will weigh in at 32 pounds.

That looks pretty darn nice. I like the massive gear boxes. Hope it rusn well for ya guys. btw, if you’re allowed to say, what are you guys planning for scoring this year?

Out of curiosity, if the material properties are correct, how is it going to be less in real life? :ahh:

Inventor has a tendency to lie to me about weight numbers. It says that the 2k5 OI was 12 pounds. All the materials were set correctly on my detailed model.

Anoy comments on the drivetrain from one so advanced at drive design as yourself?

I’m pretty sure it won’t. In my experience, Inventor doesn’t add weights too well. I’ve used its own numbers on material and come out heavier on an assembly than it has. Not sure yet who’s right–me or it–as I haven’t tested anything yet that I’ve CADed.

It’s worked out pretty well for us… we assign electronics items, pistons, motors their correct weight values, and it gives us a pretty accurate total weight.

“Lightning” Holes.

Seams lot of teams are not planning on climbing a ramp. What ramp entrance angle can your fram handle?

Once we put the roller of doom, we can take up to a 30 degree ramp. And if we are forced to climb a 30 degree ramp, then someone’s team hasn’t made the best choices in being nice to their alliance.

Is this the full 28x38 footprint?

Edit: Yes it is, Thank you (I am no good at typing)

Isn’t it 38x28?

The bot is 26x34, to allow for some fun “toys” to be added onto the frame.

That sounds way familiar… We just had the parts for a new module I designed sent out for cutting, and they look beautiful. I’ll try to post pictures… I think our entire frame ends up at 26x34 as well, except we are a wide bot.It weighs in at 34lbs.

You are adding a “roller of death” ??? :smiley:

Roller of doom. Very much doom. Death isn’t very GP.

Roller of doom? You make a man curious. Very, very curious. Some roller in the front of the robot that doubles as a loading mechanism and a ramp helper?