pic: 114 drive module design

Here she is, what that gearbox that i posted earlier goes to. Each side of the drivetrain removels like a single module, so swapping out parts should be simple and fast for a competition. Single speed, soon to be worked up to a 2 speed ball lock shifter.

Any comments would be much appreciated.

Love the design, not diggin the weight so much. What are the dimensions on that box tubing? 1x2x.125? Also, if i is only single speed, why not use the KOP tranny?

Can you talk more about each stage of the gearbox and their reductions? It’s interesting to see how other teams decide to gear their robots for the sake of comparison, I think.

Also, why have you used such heavy rectangular tubing on each side of the wheels instead of, say, plate or channel? What’s your overall weight for a module?

I’ve been tearing my hair out recently trying to distill a reliable, simple, easy to build 6WD module not unlike this for the past two months or so. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m getting closer, and it’s interesting to see how others solve the same problem.

About the weight: The whole thing should weigh 12 pounds. The box extrusion on the side is 2x1x.125". We’re planning to use this because of our positive experience with it in the past. The stuff is strong, decently light, and shouldn’t need replacement. The module rolls on 4 inch custom wheels.

About the reductions, it starts with the stock 14 tooth input gear, and the reductions follow: 14:60;19:60, directly to the center wheel. This gives us a low speed of 7 fps. We’re debating adding a ball lock shifter into the tranny, which shouldn’t add too much weight or space. However, we’d like to see the game design before we decide if a 2 speed is neccesary.