pic: 114 Gearbox CAD

The final drawings of our Gearbox. We sent off the plans to the CNC shop yesterday, and the frame goes off to the welder tommorrow.

The speeds are 5fps (slow) and 15 (high). The weight should come out to 5.75 pounds without motors.

Questions and comments encouraged.

looks nice. Is this another ball lock?

Nope, we decided to go with Dog shifted after messing up on the Ball Lock last year. This design has been proven to work, and draws Ideas from many previous teams.

Very nice CAD, I can’t wait to see the physical gear box. One question- how far do you need to drive to reach your top speed? Is it possible that the field is too small to use it’s top speed? You guys seem to try a lot of different designs out, this one looks like it has a lot of potential.

Rendered in perspective view I see :D.

Maybe it’s just me, but 5.75 lbs without motors seems quite heavy.

Well, I believe it’s quite light for our first dog shifter. Plus, that weight is with the pneumatic cylinder and all the bearings.

6 lbs with cylinder isn’t bad… 12 lbs can be taken off elsewhere if need be. I’m just surprised that other teams aren’t making their drive-bases uber-light like we did.