pic: 114; How We Roll

How we’re gonna roll. The CAD should be sent off to the CNC shop quite soon, once it gets final approval from my design consultants. Questions and comments welcome.

What are the specs on the gearboxes?

The only thing I can say is I can’t wait to see you guys at competitions.

And I really hope you have bumpers.

Our loveable 5 and 15fps. Due to the nature of the game, I can see myself driving this with the default being 15fps, and downshifting when it’s time to score. Afterall, it isn’t called overdrive for nothing.

The only thing I can say is I can’t wait to see you guys at competitions.

And I really hope you have bumpers.

They’re sort of required… So I’d hope we did.

Are the outer wheels higher.

Nope. The middle wheel is lowered by .1inches.

Or are the corners raised .1 inches? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. The outer wheels are centered in the 2x1, and the middle wheel is lowered. :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been plenty for us in the past, so we’re doing it again.

Four small CIMS? Won’t you be needing those elsewhere?

Nope. :smiley:

The manipulator folks have more than enough to work with as is.

Looks robust!

/Wishes 1757 had CAD experience and a shop; looks like we’re running a KOP chassis again…

Wait, what happened to the outback tracks you were so adamant about using?

hey what r the advantages of 4 wheel drive that 2 wheels drive couldnt acomplish

No need for defense, so why make something made for defense? Honestly, I’d rather have something that can turn as good as my 6 wheel can. If pushing were allowed, I wouldn’t even hesitate using it.

Uh. This isn’t a 4 wheel drive, it’s a 6 wheel. As for the 4 wheel v. 2 wheel, please search the forum and read the many threads created about this topic.

Nice, but where are the CIM’s pinion gears? :wink: I would comment on the design itself, but I can’t really think of much to add. It is a proven design. To tell the truth, what I really want to post about is the picture itself. I find that when teams go for a photorealistic render, it tends to look like a pale/too shiny imitation of nature. Similarly, the plain old screenshots tend to look bad to me because they just look unfinished. However, this picture I like; it doesn’t look like a failed job at photorealism, but, at the same time, it also it doesn’t look like some random screenshot. Nice work!

are all 6 wheels being powered?
and is your frame welded together or bolted?

Thanks. I used the Illustration rendering mode in Inventor 08. It’s my new best friend.

As for the pinion gears, it’s a bad habit of mine to not put them in. I need to work on not doing that anymore…

All 6 wheels are powered. The frame will be welded. (you’d see bolts if it weren’t) Plus, I’m a fan of welding, as it’s lighter than bolts, as well as a proven method.

looks nice… wishing that 1825 had money to make something like this… looks like we are going to have to use the KOP chassis… again… but man if we had money i would have a real good one done with CAD oh well have fun!!!

The setup you made last year was very maneuverable and I can’t wait to see this one in action!

not THAT long until competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but it’s TOO long till competition! This year should actually be more maneuverable, slightly. Also about a third less weight taken up by the drive base. Woo. Oh, and I lowered the CG by 2 inches. Now our robot should be able to go to 70 degrees off vertical and pop up, instead of the 60 it was last year.