pic: 114 Tread V 2.0

basically the same as the previous design, except the back section has been entirely lowered in order to keep the bot stable.

The tank would run off of Brecoflex timing belt, I’m just too lazy to design each tooth into the design.

Comments and questions encouraged.

We were all set for building a tank this year. We had the designs, the sponsorship, and a few prototype components. But now, after seeing the game, I’m not very excited about treads. My team has pretty much decided to use wheels.

What are your opinions on treads?

We haven’t looked at drive strategy yet, which we’ll decide sometime in the upcoming two days. However, through talking with the team, it seems as though the competition is between a crab and a 6 wheel.

Treads are good for pushing, but they’re even better for climbing. Since we don’t seem to be climbing a step, there doesn’t seem to be much need for treads.


I like the changes you have made for the tread. Before, they were not quite as versitile in my opinion…:rolleyes: