pic: 114 wheel concept....again.

Well, I let my brain ride free again… and spawned this in 20 minutes of inspiration. 6 inch diameter, 7/8 inch wide tread… plus a little bit of style and team spirit added into the spokes.

And comments?

thats slick

Just out of curiosity, what made you pick a 7/8" width (as opposed to, say, an inch)? Are you incorporating this into another design?

I picked this width because .5 is too small, and we used ecaxtly one, and it was too much… so I picked a medium.

I am interested to find out why .5 is too small? Traction is not affected by surface contact so is there another reason this width was too small? I would think making wheels as small as possible while still giving them strength enough to survive competition, would be the way to go.

.5 is too small due to the size between frame members. Once we reach that size, we have to do some of the fram machining at other locations, which makes it cost more, and makes us unable to do the work at our shop. Plus, it makes smaller bolts necessary for parts to hold together, which makes working it take more time then the 1 inch width.

Also personal preference. It just looks darned stylish.