pic: 114 wheel concept

Here she is: one of the wheel concepts by team 114. Weighing in at a calculated .224 lbs, she's light, small (3" dia.), and will get great traction. The tread width is .75", with a nice lip along the outside to keep the tread on there.

This wheel is working off of designs of earlier wheels that we have done. The changes from our past revisions are thinner wall along the outer circle, thinner and less spokes, and custom engraved 114 on the spokes (it was actually our CNC guy who suggested we do this… we're probably gonna take him up on it this year).

Any comments/suggestions would be more than welcome.

more awsomeness from across the disctrict! Looks like both of our teams are busy w/ summer projects!

Love the engraved 114 on it. excellent looking design too. Has anyone dones stress analysis on it? you saw what happened to 1280’s wheels in finals this year, and while these may be more easily replacable, you don’t want to have the situation in the first place. Also, how’re you holding the treading on? machine screws?

Why the 4 holes?

I’m thinking so that they have an option between using a live axle or attaching a sprocket to the wheel…

Thanks for the feedback!

The tread is held on by pop rivets through holes drilled into the wheel. The tread in question is roughtop from mcmaster, the blue thick kind. It’s never done us wrong!

The 4 holes are for holding a sprocket to the wheel.

[edit] This is the wheel for the Coaxial swerve drive that is currently under design. If anyone feels interested in that, I’d be glad to spam our ideas/pictures/CAD files at you over aim. [/edit]

You know i think i’ve still got 2 or 3 itertations of this year’s robot on my comp somewhere…James was having fun w/ Inventor 10 rendering…

What’s the keyway for?

That tread looks great.

Do you have the McMaster-Carr part number?


It looks like Nitrile based “rough top” incline conveyor belting on page 1125 of McMaster’s online catalog. Here’s the part number for the 4" wide unit 5994K852. This stuff held up amazingly well on the 2003 wire-mesh ramps.