pic: 114's First Regional Win in Ventura


114 took home our very first regional win.

Thanks a ton to our alliance captain, 2576, Chilean Heart. You guys rule, and kept the spirit high.

Thanks to 3925, Circuit of Life, for holding it down and making some amazing plays.

I’m incredibly proud of all the students involved. We finished with a set of red bumpers covered in blue tape after having our blue bumpers smashed. We played the final match using a battery lent to us by 5818, outstanding GP demonstrated by them.

Congrats James, Craig and the rest of the team! It’s been a long time coming. I really love your robot this year, it’s such a focused design.

Best of luck, hope to see you in Houston!



Congratulations! :slight_smile:

You guys definitely deserved this win and the IoC award with the ingenious combination of a swerve drive and ability to receive gears from all directions. During alliance selection, we (in the stands) were worried when we saw an alliance of 3 top gearbots forming and knew it would be a fight to keep you off of a 4th rotor.

We are excited to be competing with Torque again at SVR!

Very proud of my alumni team on the well deserved win! Congrats to all the students and mentors, your hard work has paid off!


The students really did their homework, and spent quite a bit of time analyzing this year’s game. The overall decision was that we needed to pick a task, and ensure we could do it with all our focus.

That task was actually climbing, so we’ve got a solid climber on the bot.

Second task was gear placement. We knew we needed to be faster than everyone else, so one of our students came up with the top-tray system that intakes gears from any orientation, and then feeds them into our placement mechanism. That superstructure combined with our (excessive) swerve made for a solid combination!

Thanks Mike! I’m so insanely proud of the team. They put a ton of effort into this game, and it’s showing.

Especially proud of them for not getting down when we were facing some weird field glitches. Turns out we needed to reflash our Rio after three dead matches to make up for some odd bug.

Congrats to all teams on your alliance! :slight_smile:

Had an absolute blast working with your drive team. Stellar robot design this year. We will see you guys in Huston!

Thank you! You guys were very receptive to our hats, and any drive team that likes hats is a good one in my book!

Your whole team was very professional and kind - 114 will definitely be coming back to Ventura!

It was fun watching you guys win from the sidelines. Very clever gear system and an exciting elimination rounds.