pic: 114's robot (UNCENSORED)


Well, here it is! Our (mostly) final Inventor designs, rendered in Inventor Studio, and Not Censored!

Wow, looks very nice. It seems like a lot of teams are using their cannon on the bottom of their bot. Aren’t you worried that you will easily be blocked by another robot?

Thats what I was wondering.


I must say I like it. Good inventor work. If you’re entering for the award, it’s going to be tough to compete with you.

blocking a shooter is only easy if you can anticipate when they will fire. otherwise, you have to be continually in their way, which means there’s only one robot left to defend agaisnt their other alliance partners.

Don’t you simply have to be between them and the goal? And without a swerve drive I don’t see that as being particularly easy to get around.

I do love the model though, nice reflections and coloring.

Yes, but you also have to be close enough that their ball can’t clear your robot, which usually means moving with them. It also looks like they’ve got a turret, which means they don’t have to stop and turn in order to aim.

I do not see a turret in there CAD, it looks stationary to me. a very nice stationary shooter at that.

Yes, it does look stationary, but I see a small circular something directly below their laucher wheel, and the way the bars are mounted (on a plate) makes me think that it can turn. otherwise i would think they would just mount the bars directly to the base. I could be wrong tho. better lighting there would help

p.s. LOVE the electronics board

That very much resembles an idea we had for our robot… of course urs has all the kinks worked out and actually functions…


we decided against it because we didn’t think we could pull it off

The turret does indeed swivel.

I’ve noticed that many robots are going to be high up in the air (tall robots)… I wonder how many robots we will be seeing tip over this year???

That depends how many are trying for the ramp. No one can have any arm extending really high, and that’s usually the cluprit for tipping.

That is a really nice robot design. Looks very similar to ours, except we will have a high shooter. I do not see the camera; will you be using it?

We do plan to use the camera. It had not been added to this revision of the drawings, but it should be in there in the next one…

this robot is awesome. our manufacturing advisor and i were looking at it in awe. it seems as though our collection systems are really similar

Yeah, as stated, our turret does indeer swivel. If all goes to plan, we should only have to touch the trigger to make it shoot, and to make small adjustments if need be. we’re hoping for a fully autonomous aiming the whole game.

As for a couple fun facts on the drive train, We have a 2 speed, shift on the fly tranny. High speed of 12.8, and low of 6.8. With our nice wheels, we should be able to push a large number of things around.

To answer a much earlier question, We will be entering into the Inventor Competition, and we hope very dearly to win.

Custom Transmission=Sweet

As for the blocking issue, with what appears to be a gravity fed launcher, it only takes a few seconds to unload a large amount of balls. Therefore it only takes a slight lapse in the defense (or an offensive “pick” like in basketball) for a great deal of damage to be done. On the flip side, you can also waste a bunch of ammo really quickly.

Nice bot… but it looks a little top heavy… are you goin to do anything to prevent it from tipping over?

Yes, we are making sure we keep the majority of the weight on the bottom of the robot. That was one of the reasons we went with a bottom shooter, because all of the motors are under a foot off of the ground.

We originally were going to make the hopper out of lexan, but after seeing how heavy and flexible the material was, we switched to making the skeleton of the hopper out of 1/16" wall L-beams. And what are we using as the wall between the beams? That’s right, Chicken Wire. :smiley:

Mike C.

On the top heavy Issue: We’ve been designing around that, and depending on weight allowances we may add expanding balance arms, or some sort of device to do that effect.