pic: 1155 Finished Robot

the 2008 robot a few minutes before we put it in the crate. Videos to come

The video Simon reffered to is here:
The finished product

A few specs:
Drivetrain - 4 cims through AM toughboxes modified for encoder feedback, two wheel drive with 6" IFI traction wheels in the back and AM omnis in the front, 10fps top speed

Launcher - Powered by surgical tubing, winched back with a van door motor and quickly released by a pneumatically actuated dog gear.

Hybrid abilities: Circle the track, knock the ball down in the home stretch, knock the ball down in the opponents home stretch, catch the ball. The IR sensor is used to direct the robot in hybrid.

Almost the entire frame is welded chromoly steel, the tracks that our forks ride in is galvanized steel garage door track.

Total weight of the robot despite all the steel is only 92 lbs without bumpers or battery.

Good job guys!
See you in NYC in '09!

wow thats amazing we are at 120+ and our entire bot is made of aluminum including the bolts…

Cool! I like how the garage track makes the gripper rotate more parallel to the floor as it gets down low.

When you say ‘IR Sensor is used to direct the robot in Hybrid’ do you mean an IR level sensor or that your robot takes commands from a remote?

Any videos of your autonomous? Have you all tried your autonomous with other remotes pointing around for real-life simulation?

Great use of steel. Many say it isn’t possible. Apparently it is. :smiley:


Haha, bad choice of words on my part. We use a remote that sends signal to the IR receiver in the KOP.

As for the videos of us trying out auton, I’ll ask around and see what we have.

Ooh. Looks interesting.