pic: 1155 Sciborgs Teaser

Posting this quite a bit late, but all parts have been machined and painted. This may end up being our practice robot though…

All of it is looking good! I can’t wait to see the whole assembly.

Looks good! Powder coated or automotive paint?

It’s automotive paint, but we’re hoping to get our second robot (competition robot) powder coated. Turns out a team parent works at a powder coating shop.

Beware of the significant weight difference in Powder Coating. A Powder Coated paint job can weigh up to 5 pounds more than automotive paint. If you’re extremely close on weight on your practice bot, I would recommend scrapping the Power Coat.

Powder coat weighs about 1 lb per 20 sq. ft., I think. I’m generously estimating that my team’s (tall) robot this year has about 10 square feet of surface area, so the paint will add about 1/2 pound.