pic: [1156] Inventor RACK (rendered)

It took some time to make the chains but nothing that some patterns and mirrors couldn’t handle :wink:

That looks really nice… good job you guys

That looks really nice! Good work.

Now can you also make it swing? (sorry, that would just be cruel)

Willing to share the files by any chance…?

It will swing…someday

about sharing, give me your e-mail address and I send you

Good job guys. I am working on one too coincidentally. I left off after I built the base and the sides.


Very nice…It looks awsome!

Please share with #1610

[email protected]


Please send for me to Rack drawing for Inventor too :slight_smile:

[email protected]


team 885 would like a copy [email protected] thanks


Please send to [email protected]

It’s awesome

Can I get a copy as well? Thanks! [email protected]

hey a copy would also help 1388 imensly, when u can, send us a copy, [email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]

Thank you so much, this will make it much easier to get field dimensions.

please send to [email protected]


This is a nice way for spam bots to get email addresses…

And on that note, please send to team1523[AT]gmail.com :slight_smile:

Could you zip up the files and put them on the CD White pages so everybody has access to them without you having to send a hundred people an email?


[email protected]

I think the 296 3dsmax kisd are working on one thatll work with reactor for swinging in animations. If anyones interested maybe we can share those files when they`re done.