pic: #1156 Under Control [Brazil] - Electrical components board

So here is our board!

We would like to thank team #0027 that gave us the great "The Hare award" (to the fastest robot) in the 2003 National Competition, and thanks for the inspiration on our circuit board.

Their board:

Looks great!

Not to criticize, but maybe you should take a look at this:

“For optimum power
distribution, the auto-resetting breakers should be installed from the lowest number to the highest
number. Thus a corresponding breaker should be installed in 1 first, then 2 …etc.”

from: http://www.ifirobotics.com/docs/breaker-panel-ref-guide-2005-revnc0.pdf

Shouldn’t be too hard to fix and you have plenty of time.

Working on it.
Thanks a lot!

Great job! It looks really organized! I only wish we could do something like that. :frowning:

Just wondering: where did you order your wire conduit from?

We bought ours in a local store, and since we are from Brazil it won’t be helpful =/

but you can ask team 27 where they ordered THEIRS

alright… thanks!

Very Nice Job. I am impressed. Keep up the good work.