pic: 1156's best friend

As we don’t have a large compressor, this is what we use for our pneumatic riveter works just fine. Our robot this year will be 80~90% riveted.

What’s controlling the Spike? I see the pressure switch and the Spike but I don’t see a controller between them.

Also, what’s the point of having a PDB if you are only using one 12V output and one 5V output? Why not just use the grey 12V to 5V converter to save room?

It looks likes its plugged straight into the PDB so I’m assuming it’s running continuously.

Hmm. It’s like a self-building robot that uses human tools.


Excuse me while I go get my anti-AI-apocalypse rootkits ready to deploy…

It looks like the control of the Spike is wired to the +5V on the PDB through the pressure switch to give them control of the compressor.

Nice simple built from spare parts… Good job, I would take that 20amp circuit breaker that is not doing anything… and replace the fuse in the spike with it.

The cooling fan is a nice touch too!

Exactly, the pressure switch control the Spike.

About the PDB, we use this instead the grey regulator because this way we can run motors and tests with this board, plus the fuses.

Thanks, and thanks for the tip, we forgot to change!

I’ll make sure we have a giant sledgehammer…

This is pretty sick…
We regularly use our pneumatic riveter, but we couldn’t bring that to a practice field. The robot spent a night at teammate’s house, and we wanted to rivet but broke our manual one. Looks like a great off-season project!

we did that in 2014 when our compressor broke. it worked, a little slow but got the job done. yours is much prettier though, ours was built in twenty minuets by a few sleep deprived kids

I think this is a really cool and clever setup and all, but really, you couldn’t bother to rotate the picture 180 degrees before posting? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you open the picture in a new tab it is right side up.

i’m really annoyed about it, but the picture is in right orientation in the pc. And here, when I open the image, it is right as well. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is this. Sorry haha

Iiiiiinteresting forum software behavior, heh.