pic: 116 Teaser 1


First Teaser shot of 2004.

I think these are current…

amzing… absolutely amazing. You have a terrifice scan quality on those blueprints, unless they were drawn on the computer, and the shading in unbelievable. Excellent choice of color and light, it will really help to make this scene pop. I’m guessing that you might have used brazil to render but i could be wrong. Nevertheless, this is easily a front runner in this year’s competition.

hmmm…looks stunningly like ours…only ours is a physical driving product…great minds think alike…sometimes :slight_smile:

Heh, I dont think this is a scene from their animation… It looks like a set of blueprints. That carpet is real. He’s showing us the design for their robot (Or wants us to think he is???)


Now, why would ANYONE from Team 116 EVER want to drop a few false hints and potential mis-information about ANYTHING? I just can’t see anyone on the team ever doing that!!! :smiley:


Yes, that is a real carpet.


The consensus seems to be that the carpet is real… judges? The judges are nodding their heads at me, seeming to confirm our suspicions. Good, now, the next item on the agenda…

Well I can tell you that it isn’t from the animation :wink:

We aren’t showing teasers of what we got till we’re finished, and we aint finished yet.

The only thing I can tell you about this photo is that the blueprints are from our mobility group, the carpet is Dave’s, and the photo, which was taken by me, was edited in Paint Shop Pro.


I always tell the truth… as I see it.

Is that a list of materials and prices in the background…?

If you zoom in alot, maybe you could read it and find out…