pic: 118's Lone Star Upgrade

Over the course of the weekend, The Robowranglers “donated” an intake mechanism to the Robonauts. This was taken just prior to our match Saturday morning with 148.

Isn’t that out of the bumper perimeter?

It’s also just ziptied on, I’m fairly certain this is a joke.

If they keep the regionals uniform than this should still not be allowed, there was a team at Florida that had to remove a small flag from their robot because it went past the bumper perimeter.

By joke I mean not an actual part of their robot. 148 has a little history of similar pranks.

Is it safe to assume it was taken off before the match started?

Yes - they were “caught” by the Emcee and had to “correct” their robot prior to the start of the match. It was all good and fun :slight_smile:

I remember this!

I was lucky enough to walk by just as 148 was delivering the intake mechanism to the Robonaut pit, which led to much hilarity.
I believe the note that came with the parts said “We thought your robot was missing something! Thanks for the warm welcome.”
Friendly prank wars at FIRST never cease to amaze me :stuck_out_tongue:

This was in answer to the bag of kitty litter left by 118 in 148’s pit on Friday.:rolleyes:

If anyone has any information regarding the second, gold painted, bag of kitty litter found Saturday morning, please let us know. We assumed it was 118, but we later discovered it wasn’t them. Whoever put the note of “Send robot parts”, we’d have loved to if we knew who you were. :wink: